Monday, August 1, 2011

Hanging Out at Cummins Northwest in Anchorage

We left Ian and Jennifer’s house a little after 8am this morning to arrive for our 9am appointment at Cummins Northwest in Anchorage.  They told us the mechanic would get to us shortly, so we waited and I got to do some reading on my Kindle.  After waiting a while, Ken went in to the office to get an idea how long it would be before the mechanic could get to us.  When we found out it would be 12:30pm, we went for a ride to pick up a few items at Sam’s Club, get gas in the truck at Costco, and had a quick lunch at Subway.  When we returned to Cummins, they had Ken move the RV into the repair bay and the mechanic left for lunch and returned at 12:40pm.  After close to 5 hours of diagnosing the problem, they finally decided that there was something wrong with a digital circuit breaker in the battery compartment.  So tonight, we’re parked in Cummins lot and they will be making some calls in the morning to see if they can find the needed part.


I got a lot of reading done this afternoon, and right before we moved to our overnight spot, we got some free entertainment.  A tractor and trailer was backing into a bay next to us to pick up one of their trucks which had apparently blown an engine.  We’re guessing they were taking it back to the shop to get the specialty equipment removed before bringing it back for repairs or whatever.  The first part of my entertainment is when the tractor/trailer tried backing into the bay…he must have made at least a dozen attempts to get it backed into the right spot.  Then they went to load the truck.  All went smoothly until a fuel tank hung up on a high spot.



Not letting the fuel tank bother them, they continued pulling the truck onto the trailer successfully


The truck is finally up on the trailer.


The lift is raised and they’re ready to go.  After watching their activity, I’m glad to not be following them on the road somewhere.


After getting set up in our site at Cummins for the night, we had our dinner and just relaxed watching tv and doing our computer stuff.

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