Friday, August 26, 2011

A Day of Errands

I took the camera with me today, but failed to take any photos.  We started off by looking into getting a new towbar for the motorhome.  When we left Spring Branch, TX at the end of January, we started using a Blue Ox towbar that we got back refurbished from them.  This is the second one that has gone bad in a short time frame.  We looked today at a Demco towbar that has a kit that would work with the Blue Ox baseplate that is on the pickup.

From there, we drove on to Everett to see Ken’s footwear specialty store where he usually gets his orthotics.  Unfortunately, she told us that her usual supplier has started using inferior products to make them and she will no longer order from them and has been unsuccessful in finding anything as good.  If we were to be in this area for a longer time period, she could make a specialty orthotic (for a big price) that would be used for future orders at a lower big price.  With that disappointing information, we continued to Snohomish to pick up our mail and we dropped by to see our nephew James and his wife Tammy and their daughter Gabrielle.  They were busy putting new windows in their living room, but took time for a short visit.

From there, we drove back to Marysville to see if we could find a New Balance store at the outlet mall in Marysville…no luck!  We made a few purchases at Walmart and headed back to Mt Vernon to the RV for the evening.



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