Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back in the Lower 48–Williams Lake, BC to Mt Vernon, WA

We had another long day of traveling and not much to speak of in the way of photos…primarily because the front window was covered with bugs.  When I got up this morning, I found that our coffee maker had died overnight.  So we made do without coffee until we were ready to get on the road, then made a brief stop at Walmart to pick up a new coffee maker and get some coffee to go from their in store McDonald’s.  We drove through a lot of scenic areas today, but after having been in Alaska for so long, it seems like once we got off the Cassiar Highway, we just kind of lost our interest and were ready to get back into the USA.  In this photo, we’re approaching US Customs.


For tonight, we had planned to stay at the casino in Bow, WA.  Upon our arrival, we followed the signs to RV parking to find it led us into a Thousand Trails Campground.  It seems the casino used their RV parking area for something else and failed to remove the signs.  So we decided to continue south toward the casino in the Marysville area.  But, we remembered there was a Camping World in Mt Vernon, WA and after a quick call we found out we could camp there for two nights without a problem.  We found out just in time to take the freeway exit and head to Camping World.  They have back in sights with 30amp electric and we’re happy campers.  While in this area, we’ll be visiting with family.  We have a niece in this area, and we’ll move to the casino near Marysville on Saturday to visit my brother and sister who live in this area.


Sharon Del Rosario said...

Welcome Home! Glad your travels were safe.

Malone said...

I know exactly what you mean about kind of losing interest on the route home from the magnificence of Canada, the Yukon, Alaska, and all those wonders. I still have to finish my last three days of the trip where I faithfully blogged every single day...except the last three.!! LOL