Friday, August 5, 2011

Corey on the Zip Line

We left the Moose Lodge in Kenai this morning and headed to the Holiday station to dump our holding tanks and fill the propane tank.  Hopefully, the propane will get us much further south before we need to fill it again.  We stopped for lunch along Turnagain Arm and then continued on to Ian and Jennifer’s house where we will be staying for the next 3 nights.  I went out to the backyard to watch Corey playing on their zip line.  I’ve got one movie clip and one still picture.  It sure looks like a lot of fun!

Corey riding the zip line.


Ian cooked up a fantastic jambalaya dinner with turkey Italian sausage and shrimp so we didn’t return to the RV hungry.  For the next two days, we’ll just be taking it easy and probably take stock of our supplies needed for the remainder of our time in Alaska and Canada.  No doubt, we will have a return trip to the store to take care of that.

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