Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tok, AK to Kluane Lake, Yukon Territory

We left our campground in Tok this morning and drove to get diesel at Three Bears about a mile down the road.  The price of diesel today was $4.589 per gallon.  After fueling up, we continued down the road.  In this next photo we’re approaching the bridge over the Tanana River.


It’s a very scenic drive through the Tetlin Wildlife Refuge.


We stopped briefly at the Tetlin Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center


A few miles further along the road we approached the border.  The Alaska border patrol building is just ahead.


A large sign welcomes us back into the Yukon Territory.


Another few miles down the road, we’re approaching the Canada border patrol station.  After a few of the usual questions, we’re on our way.


This plywood police car (painted on both sides) sits by the road in Burwash Landing.


And we finally pulled into a large paved turnout along Kluane Lake as our stop for the night.


Tomorrow we will continue on to Haines, AK for a few days.

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