Friday, August 19, 2011

Unusual Food Finds and Whitehorse to Jade City

Before I continue posting about our travels today, I had remembered taking a couple of photos using my cell phone yesterday in the grocery store.  These are a couple of food finds that are definitely not for me.

Chicken feet…now what in the heck does anyone do with these?


and quail eggs…I’ll stick with chicken eggs, thank you.


We left Whitehorse early this morning with no idea where we would stop for the night.


We were driving in  rain for a good portion of the day.


We took on fuel at Nugget City and the price was now $1.429 per liter.  It had been $1.339 when we stopped there in May.  We’ll definitely be glad when we see some decent fuel prices again.  After that stop, we headed south on the Cassiar Highway.


We did see a black bear and her cub, but they were easily spooked by the sounds of us slowing down to take a photo and ran into the woods.  We arrived at Jade City where they have free RV parking and will be here for the night.  We’ll be heading toward Hyder tomorrow, but not sure if we’ll do it in one day or not as we’re on slower roads and are hoping to see more wildlife.


Mary Durfor said...

Quail eggs! You hard boil them and then pickle them! They taste great as a happy hour snack! When my children were young, we actuallly kept quail for their eggs, until the fire ants got to them. Now, we keep chickens! But, I don't know what people do with chicken feet. Maybe one of your readers knows.

IdahoRV said...

Thanks, Mary! I never would have guessed, but will probably still stick with chicken eggs. :)