Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day Trip to Porcupine Crossing and More Grizzlies

After our usual morning activities, we packed a lunch and headed back north on the Haines Highway.  It wasn’t long before Ken spotted some Dall sheep on the hillside.  We counted seven of them.



Here’s our turn.


We crossed this one lane bridge going over the Klehini River.


Unfortunately, the sign is covered with several tree branches, but our route took us over a part of the old Dalton trail used by the gold miners during the rush in 1898.


We arrived at a boat launching area and continued on until we reached a deadend and then returned to the boat launch area to watch the activity while eating our lunch.


The boat on the left side coming back to shore was apparently making several trips to his cabin taking in supplies as we watched him load several containers then head back along the river.



We then went back a short ways toward the Haines Highway and took this dirt road.  We went for a short distance until we got to a place where we decided to turn around.  We had been watching a “reality” show on tv about gold mining in Alaska that was in this area last year.  Due to the bad roads, we couldn’t go any further.


Back at the Haines Highway, we continued north for about a mile, then took a road to Mosquito Lake.  We observed this pair of trumpeter swans with their young one.


Here are a couple of photos of the front and back of a nice looking log home we saw on that road.



Here’s a very small view of Mosquito Lake.


We had an eagle sighting on the way back to Haines.


We stopped to watch this fish wheel for a while and saw it catch a few fish but didn’t get any really great photos.


Here is the front and back side of a sign at a turn out in the road back to Haines.  The small print says “No you can’t see Russia from here”.


Sounds like a pretty good deal…so there must be a catch!


And arriving back at Haines, we decided to go look for some more bears and found them out at the lake again.  This time, it was the sow and her two cubs who apparently reclaimed this area from the sow with the three cubs who was intruding yesterday.






We are so glad we decided to see Haines this year.  We’ll most likely be back tomorrow with more bear pictures.

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