Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another Last Day in Kenai

Today was another last day in Kenai for us.  I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve been in Kenai and left this summer.  Although once again, we hate to leave Kimber and her family, we know it’s time to be heading to the lower 48.  This morning we went to the laundromat and got caught up on the laundry, went to lunch in Soldotna, and then returned to the RV for the rest of the afternoon.  Around 5:30pm we drove over to Kimber and Gale’s house for the evening to visit and have dinner with their family.  For most Alaskans, the summer months mean salmon fishing and stocking the pantry and freezer with salmon fillets and smoked salmon.  As dinner was prepared, canning jars were filled with salmon to put in the pressure cooker after dinner.


There was also a pile of smoked salmon that would be put through the food saver.


Kimber is putting the final touches on the jars of salmon prior to placing them in the pressure cooker.


As usual, Grant was the entertainment committee.  I’m not sure what exactly it is he’s doing here, but earlier he had been talking about being a storm trooper for Halloween.



Grant’s hair has been styled by Nicki.


Tomorrow we will be driving back to Eagle River for 3 nights at Ian and Jennifer’s house.  We’re hoping that the RV will get there without any low voltage problems so that we continue on our southbound trip.

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Sweet Sue said...

Do hope your repairs hold. The salmon sounds awesome. Continue to enjoy your travels!