Sunday, July 31, 2011

An Uneventful Day

Today we didn’t get in a big hurry as we were only traveling from Wasilla to Eagle River which is approximately 40 miles.  I took a few photos, but with rain on the front window and glare off the other windows, there was nothing worth uploading to the blog.  We stopped at Fred Meyer to take advantage of our July fuel discount.  With the $.10 per gallon discount we paid $4.199 per gallon instead of the posted $4.299.  I started to post it as $2.199 (Oh, how we wish!).  After getting fuel, we continued to Ian and Jennifer’s house where we will only stay one night.  Tomorrow we have an appointment at the Cummins shop in Anchorage.  Hopefully they will have researched and found a solution to the problem and we’ll be on our way back to Kenai for 2-3 days.  That’s it for now.

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