Saturday, April 30, 2011

Basketball Tournaments in Spokane, WA

On Saturday, both grandsons were playing in basketball tournaments.

Here's Demetrius (#2) at his game:



And Dominique (#1) at his game:



Unfortunately, neither of the boy’s teams won their game, but they only lost by a couple of points and played a great game!  After watching the tournaments, we said our goodbyes and headed back to the RV to finish packing for our Sunday morning departure.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

It Wasn't in the Plan, but…


We visited Arizona City, AZ on our way to the northwest on the advice of friends and bought a house.  We have no plans of giving up our RV travels, but it was an investment that we just couldn’t pass up.  When we return to the lower 48 from our Alaska trip, we will be getting our flatbed trailer out of storage and prepare it to get our stuff out of storage at Ken’s brother’s house and hanger.  We will take all of that stuff to the house in AZ and then head out to our lot in Spring Branch, TX to finish some projects there and put it on the market.  Once that is completed, we will return to Arizona and will be very busy getting the house cleaned up.  It’s really in very good repair, but just very dirty from sitting vacant so long.  We have made arrangements to have repairs made to the tile roof and are having solar shades put on the windows in the next week.

Here is a photo of the front street side of the house:


This photo shows the back of the house:


Here are a couple of pictures of the kitchen area:




This is the dining area:



The living room:



The master bath (as reflected in the mirror):



And, the second bath (reflected in the mirror):



I hope to have a few more blog updates later as I’m trying to get back in the habit again.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Track Meet at Lakeside High School

On Wednesday afternoon, we were invited to attend Demetrius’ track meet at Lakeside High School.  Here are a few photos from that event:

Needless to say, it was cold out there!  This is our daughter Laura.



Here are a couple of photos of Demetrius participating in the meet.




This is Demetrius with his girlfriend, Kailie, followed by a photo of Kailie running a race.





And this is our grandson Dominique.



As mentioned earlier, it is still way too cold in the northwest and we were happy to return to the warmth of our RV once the track meet was finished.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Eugene, Oregon–3/25–3/26/2011

Since leaving Texas at the end of January, we have been experiencing problems with our internet satellite.  It had been getting to the point where Ken would have it dead on to the satellite, yet we still couldn’t get all lights.  Sometimes it would wake up after a couple of hours, and other times maybe not until the next day or longer.  We were getting tired of fighting this and decided to check into a motorized rooftop system and I knew of an installer in Eugene.  I contacted him and he said he could do the install for us if we could be there at 10am on Friday.  We were there shortly before the requested time and they went right to work getting the dish installed for us.



In the photo above the dish has been placed on the roof of our RV and it is being positioned to not get in the way of the tv antenna.  The installation work was pretty much completed by 2pm and then it was time to get it working.  And then, the frustration started.  Don worked with the computer and controller getting it to find our satellite up until 7pm that evening without success and he promised that he would get it working Sunday morning so that we could get back on the road.  He actually got back Saturday evening and went right to work on it.  He replaced the arm on the dish with one that had a 2 watt transmitter instead of a 1 watt transmitter.  Success!