Sunday, February 7, 2010

2/7/2010 – Super Bowl Party

What is Super Bowl Sunday without a party?  A potluck get together was planned for the evening at Harrell & Tommie Sue’s.  While Ken was dozing off in his chair getting rested up for the big game, our neighborhood squirrel who he has been chasing away from the bird feeder returned to continue his thievery of bird food.  Here it is stretched out upside down to get at the bird’s suet.


Watching the game from left to right:  Ken, Harrell, John, and Pete.


Either my camera blurred or Jo has had too much wine.


Linda on the left and Tommie Sue working the jigsaw puzzle that we were ordered to have finished before leaving for the evening.  Mission accomplished!


Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints who beat the Indianapolis Colts 31 – 17!

1/25 – 2/1/2010 – Glenn & Sheila’s Visit

Our good friends, Glenn and Sheila, came to visit the last week of January and we had a great time with them as always with visiting, eating, and sightseeing.  We spent one long day driving to Llano for a lunch at Cooper’s.  This picture is of one of their many open pit barbeques.


And here we are enjoying the remains of the meal.


On the way back home, we stopped for a beer in Luckenbach.


After getting rested up for a couple of days, we were ready for another sightseeing day.  Our first stop was Wimberley Glassworks to see their showroom and view a glassblowing display.  Here are some photos from their showroom.




And here are some photos as the glassblowing demonstration progresses.







That demo really worked up our appetites, so we headed to Gruene for a great meal at The Gristmill.


After eating, we went into the Gruene Hall to see what was going.  There was no entertainment, but they seemed to be setting up for the evening’s music.




I didn’t get a very good photo, but that evening the full moon was a Wolf Moon.


January 2010 – Some Wildlife on our Lot

We’ve been very busy with seeing doctors during our stay here.  Ken is now scheduled for back surgery on February 16th and will have a 3-5 night stay in the hospital.  In preparation for that, he has had a sitting MRI, a bone scan, and will do have some lab work done at the hospital on January 9th.  Since I’ve also been having back problems, I’ve had two epidural steroid injections and will probably have a third one next Saturday.  Hopefully that will have me feeling my best to take care of Ken when he returns home following the surgery.  Here are a few photos of some of our wildlife visitors on the lot.  This squirrel isn’t happy just getting bird seed off the ground.  He prefers to get it right from the feeder and he’s in a constant battle with Ken.  He looks pretty innocent here.


And here are a couple of photos of the visiting finches.



1/12/2010 – Return to Spring Branch, TX

We returned to Spring Branch on the 12th and here are a couple of photos as we approach downtown San Antonio.  The first one is the Alamo Dome.


And this one is the Hemisphere which looks somewhat like the Space Needle in Seattle.


1/4 – 1/11/10 – Rio Grande Valley

Sometime during the holidays, Ken broke a tooth so we needed to make a trip to the dentist in Mexico.  We went to one near Del Rio last spring, but we decided to go back to the Rio Grande Valley so we could also visit our friends, Terry and Sylvia.  We picked a good week to go since the temperatures would be dropping into the teens in Spring Branch.  It was a little warmer in the valley with lows at 32 degrees.  We spent two days at the dentist as Ken had to have two crowns and we had to go back for the permanent ones.  We spent a couple of days with Terry and Sylvia and their dog Keeper who always knows to shake hands to get his treat when he visits us.  All in all, it was a good trip.