Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chicken, Alaska Revisited

I packed a lunch and we were on the road to Chicken in the late morning.  We got stopped for some road construction for about 20 minutes before we were able to continue on our way.




We stopped at the Mosquito Fork day use area to eat lunch about two miles before arriving at Chicken.  When we arrived at Chicken, we stopped at the various gift shops to pick up the items we still had on our list.



Here’s one of the larger chickens in town.


Several people were panning for gold.


Behind the gold panning area, there is an old dredge that was used in the past for gold mining.


After picking up a couple of additional gifts at the Chicken Mercantile, we stopped at the saloon before returning to Tok.


This photo didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped, but the leaves on the trees are already beginning to take on the colors of fall.


We will be crossing the border into the Yukon Territory in Canada tomorrow and will be driving toward Haines, Alaska for a few days.  We expect to take about 2 days to get there.


Dennis & Carol said...

Hey, stay at the Elks in Haines. Real friendly people. Tell them you know the group of 6 RVs that were there a few weeks ago. Pick a site to the left as you go in - voltage. Try and meet the Grand Ruler. Don't eat at the Lighthouse - bad! Anywhere else is fine. Go look for the bears at the river about 8 PM. Eagle Observatory wasn't that great - no friggin eagles - over priced.Dennis

IdahoRV said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Dennis.