Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Night Live in Eagle River

We had a late breakfast this morning, but we didn’t mind since it was prepared by Ian and Jennifer.  A meal is always much better when I’m not having to do the cooking.  We had sourdough strawberry waffles and turkey bacon.  It was delicious!  And I may be bringing some of Jennifer’s sourdough starter home with us.  While Ian was mowing the lawn, we drove into town to complete some of the shopping for things that we would need once we’re on the road again and away from the big box stores.  The fireweed still haven’t finished blossoming out, but there was fresh snow in the mountains today.


This evening, Jennifer’s friend Claire came over for dinner along with four of her kids.  After dinner (and after many delays), they put on a play for us and we had their version of Saturday Night Live.  Summer and Michael were the only ones in costume and they were a nightmare for Fiona who was in a sleeping bag during the whole play.


Even after removing his mask, Michael still had red war paint on his face.


It was a very entertaining evening!  Tomorrow Kimber is driving up here with Nicki who is going to be visiting her dad for a week.  He’s picking her up at Ian’s house.  So it looks like we’ll be getting in some more visiting tomorrow before we say goodbye to our Alaska family on Monday.

PS --  I was just checking some of the statistics and settings on the blog and I had forgotten that I made some changes regarding comments and just approved several.  We really do appreciate the nice comments we get and I feel bad for delaying publishing them.  When we were here two years ago, we received some very negative comments when I reported visiting a certain site and didn’t want that to happen again.  We were there again this year, and once again received some very negative comments which I’m choosing not to post.

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