Monday, August 29, 2011

An Update on the Haines, AK Bear with Fishhook in Nose

I’ll probably add more to the blog later tonight or tomorrow, but Ken just showed me this article about the bear cub we saw in Haines with the fish hook in it’s nose.
This morning we did our usual morning stuff and then packed things up and moved the motorhome to the Mount Vernon Elks lodge for a couple of nights.  This gives us full hookups, so we’ll be able to catch up on laundry again.  After getting set up, we hopped into the truck and drove to Bellevue to see my Aunt Marian.  We had a great visit with her and she forced us to eat some of her blueberry pie.  First she twisted our arms, then she put some large servings of the pie on plates and heaped it with some whip cream.  We were powerless and graciously sat down and ate it.  Yum!  If I remember correctly, she said this is the 4th week anniversary of her falling and breaking her hip.  She is doing a stupendous job of recovering!  We love you, Aunt Marian!
Then we headed north, with a slight diversion to the west over Hwy 520 across Lake Washington.
There are some big boats in the lake and large houses along the shoreline.
Here’s one of the smaller boat harbors along the lake.
4We continued on north to the Olive Garden near the Everett Mall where we met our friends Bill and Diane…sorry no photos…but I should have…Diane has lost a bunch of weight and she is looking terrific!  We are so proud of you Diane!  We had a great meal and a very enjoyable visit and hope to see you two again in our travels!

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Judy and Luke Rinehimer said...

Thanks for the update on the bear. Also say hello to Bill and Diane for us. They stopped by our place in Cool around New Years last year. Diane looked great, then, too. I just looked at their website this week to see where they were.