Tuesday, August 2, 2011

RV Repaired and Return to Kenai

The technician at Cummins got a replacement digital circuit breaker and replaced the old one before 10am this morning.  It took another half hour to get the bill worked out and Ken said they cut about 50% off the labor costs due to the new alternator not fixing the problem.  Anyway, we decided to get some miles on the repair by driving back to Kenai to see Kimber and her family for another 2-3 days.  This way, we’ll feel a lot more assured that the problem has been resolved as we certainly don’t want to have a breakdown in an area that is miles from a good service location.  As we headed out along the Turnagain Arm, it was very windy and pushed the RV around some and there were lots of whitecaps and large waves in the water.  And, it was also raining heavily for most of our trip.


We set up again at the Moose Lodge and due to the rain, have large puddles of water throughout their parking lot.  After driving around the area for some sightseeing, we went to Kimber’s house for dinner.  Gale had finished his smokehouse and was in the process of smoking salmon.


He also had this nice looking King salmon to fillet and prepare for freezing or canning.  One nice fillet was left out for our dinner tomorrow night.


Here it is again with Ken holding it up alongside Grant.  As a comparison, Grant is now about 45” tall.


We were sent back home with some canned salmon and smoked salmon.  That’s something that we couldn’t turn down.  Thanks Kimber and Gale.

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