Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Haines, Alaska to Otter Falls Cutoff in the Yukon Territory

We got an early start this morning, but before leaving Haines we stopped for fuel.  It was high at $4.919 a gallon, but hopefully it will mean we won’t need to buy too much in Canada where it so much more.  On our trip to Porcupine the other day, I noticed this sign and neither of us had seen one like it before.  It’s the one above the trailer sign.


We approached the Canada border station just after crossing into British Columbia.


Ken said the agent didn’t even really look at our passports and we were on our way very quickly.  We went several more miles and entered the Yukon Territory.


Once again, we passed the village monument at Haines Junction.


We drove another 20 miles and are now at a campground called Otter Falls Cutoff.


Tomorrow we are planning on a sightseeing trip in this area before we continue to Whitehorse.

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