Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Fourth Time is the Charm

It was going to be a fairly short drive today of about 140 miles or so to Tok, so we didn’t get an early start like we normally would on a travel day.  Once on the Tok Cutoff Road, we were on numerous areas of gravel road where work is being completed.


Yes…there’s fresh snow in the mountains.


It was a slow drive with plenty of frost heaves.


There were several lakes in the valley along our route today.


We settled into the same site we had in May at Tundra RV Park.


Once we were set up, we drove into town.  Our first stop was to obtain the fee one quarter pound of fudge with the coupon in the Toursaver book.  In 2009, we attempted to use that coupon to no avail.  We tried again in May, and the fudge was not available.  The fourth time was the charm, and we got the fudge (not that we needed it )!  From there, we picked up our mail at the post office and made a couple of other stops before returning to the RV.  We’re just relaxing tonight and still plan to drive to Chicken tomorrow to pick up a couple of gift items.  Linda…I received your blog comment and will look for the bumper sticker for you while we’re there.


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