Saturday, August 27, 2011

Visiting with Nieces and Nephews

We had a very busy day today visiting with nieces and nephews.  We met our niece Robyn, her son Thomas, and boyfriend Jeff for breakfast in Burlington.  Thomas is always smiling and pretty much a typical 5 year old who loves to pose for photos.


As I was getting ready to get this photo of Robyn and Jeff, Thomas just had to lean in there enough to get his smiling mug in the shot.


After breakfast, we went back to the RV to take care of a few cleaning projects.  But believe me, after the trip to Alaska, it’s going to be ongoing for some time.  Later in the afternoon, we drove back to Snohomish to have dinner with our nephew James and his wife Tammy and daughter Gabrielle.  As Tammy was preparing the salad, Gabrielle decided to make her own salad mainly using the pieces Tammy cut off radishes, celery, etc.


In this picture, the salad doesn’t look too bad, but Gabrielle admitted that she wouldn’t eat it.  She later put it in a pan on the stove, added some water mixed with mayonnaise and heated it up to make soup.  She also decided not to eat the soup.


James had been out all day crabbing with his friend near Stanwood, WA.  He came home with 8 dungeness crab which he cleaned and cooked.  He then forced us to eat the darned things and we had to oblige…it was so mean of him…but we enjoyed it regardless and took home some remains.  After dinner, Gabrielle was looking for an audience while she played on the trampoline, so I obliged her and took a few photos.


We had a wonderful time today and tomorrow we will be headed in that general direction again to visit my brother.

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