Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stewart, BC to Houston, BC

What a surprise…it was raining again this morning…will we ever get out of it?  We packed things up and first headed into Stewart to take on additional fuel.  After that, we headed out toward the Cassiar Highway.  This photo turned out blurred, but we saw at least one of the cubs that we saw while driving in the other day.
As we headed further east, we saw signs for water over road.  The river had been overflowing onto the other lane of travel and there were several ice chunks floating in the muddy water, so we assumed it must be coming from a glacier.
We stopped briefly to get a photo of Bear Glacier.
Not too much farther, a vehicle coming from the opposite direction was stopped and alerted us to another bear.4
After it safely crossed the road, we continued on our way.  About 10 miles down the Cassiar, we crossed the Nass River Bridge, a one lane wood plank bridge which is about 130 feet above the river.
A detour in the Hazelton area, took us through Gitwangak where they have several old totem poles in the village.
St. Paul’s church and bell tower are also in this small town.
We stopped for lunch at a turnout at Skeena Crossing.
We finished lunch, and drove on to Houston, BC where we are spending the night at Silverthorne RV Park.

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Linda A. said...

Great posting and wonderful
pictures, as usual. Enjoying
following you on your travels!
Your probably tired of all the
'green' but it looks good to us.
Ron and Linda