Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our Last Day with Our Alaska Family

We mostly hung out at the RV and Ian’s house today.  We did take a brief trip into town to get fuel in the truck and pick up enough groceries at Fred Meyer to give us the $.10 per gallon discount for when we fill the motorhome in the morning.  Nicki is going to be spending a week with her dad, so Kimber drove her up from Kenai along with little brother Grant.  We all decided to go out for an early dinner at Jalapenos in Eagle River.  I didn’t bring the good camera, so have only some so-so cell phone photos, but I guess they’re better than nothing.  Here’s Summer and Nicki.


Corey and Grant always have a smile for the camera.  They love to be in photos!


Ian always seems to have a smile for the camera, too.  And that blur in the bottom left corner of the photo is Grant trying to get into another photo.


Nicki had to hold Jennifer’s head up for the camera.


The entire family is full of smiles.  Kimber had to lean back a little since she was sitting next to me.


Since having the repairs on the RV completed at Cummins Northwest in Anchorage, we’ve driven it to Kenai and then back to Eagle River without the check engine alarm coming on, so we’re good to go.  We will be start traveling toward the lower 48 in the morning and will probably overnight in the Glennallen area tomorrow night.

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