Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Last Day in Haines

After a lot of thought about taking the ferry to Skagway tomorrow, we decided against it.  The cost would have been more than driving back up to Haines Junction and out, but it would have saved us some miles.  The ferry would get us into Skagway around 9:30 in the evening or later and we didn’t want to pay for a high cost campground for just spending the night and we would probably have to drive several miles to get to a place where we could boondock overnight.  We did some additional research and found a location not too far out of Haines Junction that would give us a chance to explore some new territory so that will be our destination tomorrow to spend a couple of nights before continuing on to Whitehorse.

  It was raining all morning so we didn’t get too enthusiastic about going sightseeing this morning. We waited until after lunch and then started out.  We took on some additional fuel in the pickup and picked up some items we would need to get us by until reaching Whitehorse.  With those chores completed, we drove into town to visit the Hammer Museum.


Unfortunately, it was closed due to illness and we headed out for another chance to see the bears again.  First we stopped near the bridge where the sow and her three cubs were out in the grassy area.



We saw a couple of bald eagles.


We continued on out toward Chilkoot Lake and there was the sow with the twins (including the one with the fish hook in it’s nose).


We watched them for a few minutes then headed back toward town.  As we got close to the bridge area, we found the sow and three cubs in the river and had to stop and watch them for a while and get some more photos.  We weren’t able to get them all in one photo this time.





We’ve had a great time here in Haines and would love to stay longer, but the weather has taken a turn for the worse and we’re ready to continue on in the search of sunshine and warmth.

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Linda A. said...

Hard to top those pictures.
Something you won't see much
longer. Sure enjoyed them!
From here in central Calif, the
rain and the green look good
to us..........
ron and linda