Friday, December 21, 2012

Missed Our Chance to be Guinea Pigs

It’s been a rather quiet week for us as we’ve both been under the weather.  We even had to pass up on dinner at Glenn and Sheila’s.  As if we weren’t already feeling bad enough, Glenn had the nerve to send me this photo of the meal we missed.

Dinner we Missed Out On

We did manage a shopping trip to Walmart this week to stock up for Christmas dinner at our house.  We’ve invited a few of our neighbors to join us.

Ken finished up stringing out the security camera wiring through the attic to various locations, but he’ll still be probably be making minor adjustments to get them pointed just right.  I spent some time yesterday trying to set up the auto port forwarding for our network to be able to view the videos remotely.  The ISP we’re trying out seems to want us forced into getting a static IP address which adds quite a bit to the monthly cost.  We’ll probably be looking into other options and see what we can come up with for that.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Life in and Around Arizona City

Life continues to keep us busy working on the house in Arizona, visiting with friends, and a few shopping trips to Phoenix.  We managed a trip to Fry’s Electronics one time and it’s always a fascinating store to explore.


The full moon rises in the sky to our east.  Although it isn’t very clear in the photo, one of the planets is in alignment with the moon above it and slightly to the left.


The termite exterminator made a return visit to the house and spent about 2 hours drilling holes in several places around the house, and then spraying termidor into the holes, then patching them up again.




Skydive Arizona is located in nearby Eloy and we had several flyovers last week of a group of six planes holding skydivers working on a record jump.


Yesterday (Tuesday) we attended the SKP lunch at the Golden Corral in Casa Grande.  It was a little bit busier than last month’s luncheon and we visited with our friends, Andy & Diane, Bill & Shelly, Glenn & Sheila, and John & Jana.

And that should get us a little more caught up again.  Thanks for the reminder, Dennis.