Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Slow Day in Dawson City

Our planned trip on Sunday up the Dempster Highway is going to be a long day, so we decided to just hang out at the RV today.  We did some catch up work in the RV and some relaxing.  After watching the NASCAR race, we decided to go for a drive into town and up to Midnight Dome.  In town, we found the “drydock” location for the Klondike Spirit which is a paddle wheeler style that cruises the Yukon River during the tourist season.


We drove by the cabins of world famous writers.  The first one was the home of Robert Service.




And next was the cabin of Jack London.


This high cache for food storage is also on the property of Jack London’s cabin.


Tourists and locals in the area drive to the top of Midnight Dome to celebrate the midnight sun and a fantastic view of the Klondike.


Here’s a view of our campground from the Dome.  Our motorhome is just a small white speck to the right of a power pole and backed up to the highway above the lower large blue building.


This bench sits at the highest point on the dome.


This is just a small portion of Dawson City as seen from the top.


And here is a spectacular view of the Yukon River.



And that’s the end of another great day of our Alaska adventure.

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