Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Day Trip Exploring the Dempster Highway

We packed our lunch and got off to an early start as we planned to be on the road most of the day exploring the Dempster Highway.  This sign is at the start of the highway at the junction with the Yukon Highway.



There were a lot of mountains to see along the road.



This ptarmigan patiently waited for it’s photo to be taken.


And a couple more scenery photos.





This memorial on a rock beside the highway was something we saw as we headed back down the road.  Joe Henry took part in the planning and construction of the Dempster Highway.  His wife is also memorialized on the plaque.




More scenery…the snow topped mountains are beautiful up this highway.


This is an outfitter’s cabins along the side of the highway.


We saw this moose on the way back and the following photo shows her year old calf that was behind her.




We saw caribou on our way up the highway, but these caribou with antlers and the young caribou were closer to the road as we headed back to the motorhome.


There was a porcupine sighting.


And I had to get the Welcome to Dawson City sign that I didn’t get a photo of when we arrived the other day.


It was a very long (for us) day today.  We left around 9 in the morning and didn’t get back until about 6pm.  We drove 290 miles and we had numerous wildlife sightings:

1 snowshoe rabbit, 15 dall sheep, 6 ptarmigan, 11 caribou, 2 bald eagle (in their nest), 2 moose (cow and yearling), and 3 porcupines.

We just might deserve some rest tomorrow!


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