Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Checking Out the Other Side of the Yukon River

After lunch, we decided to take the George Black Ferry across the Yukon River and drive a small portion of the Top of the World Highway.  Before getting on the ferry, we stopped at the Visitor’s Center to check on the current status of the highway.  The estimated time for it to open is now Friday morning at 9:00am, but we’ll keep checking as that can change.  We drove about 40 kilometers of the road and this next photo is a view of the distant mountains.  The part of the highway that we drove today was part gravel and part paved roadway and in pretty good shape.  We came across one bad spot where we’ll need to go slower.  The scenery is spectacular!


On the way back, there’s a turnout with a good view of Dawson City.


We took a side road down to the Top of the World Golf Course and saw this wildflower on the way there.  Spring is finally here…it was in the low 70’s today and that’s the predicted temperatures for the rest of the week.


We arrived down at the ferry launch for our return to Dawson City and this truck with a heavy crawler hoe was loading to cross the river.


You can see what the weight of it did to ferry…it got a little bit lower in the water.


It took about 2-3 tries for the captain to be able to push the ferry off shore and start the trip across.


They made it across and are now ready to get off the ferry.


Hmmm…this may require some extra attention.


Some boards are put into place under the ramp and the truck starts moving again.


Those smaller boards aren’t going to cut it…bring on the big boards.


That’s working much better.









Although our RV is not nearly as heavy as this truck and trailer with crawler hoe, the ferry workers go through pretty much the same routine for unloading a large RV.  They take their time and make sure you get your vehicle off in a safe manner without damage to your RV.

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