Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Clinton, BC to Fort Fraser, BC


We left our campground at Clinton, BC and continued north toward our destination of Prince George, BC.



We are getting close to Williams Lake in this photo.



We’re almost to the town of Quesnel, BC.  Once in Quesnel, we pulled over to the visitor’s center.  After lunch, we went in and picked up some of the latest brochures and were soon on our way again.



We stopped in Prince George for fuel.  The Shell station that we stopped at takes Flying J cards and our cost was approximately $4.689 per gallon.  That was better than our last fuel stop in Canada.  After taking on fuel, we continued on to find the Moose Lodge where we planned to spend the night.  On our arrival there, we found that their parking lot was not very big rig friendly as they had a few cars parked on either side of the lot and there wasn’t much room to maneuver.  We decided to continue north since it was still early.

This is photo is typical of so many of the logging company yards we have passed so far in Canada.  There are humongous stacks of logs everywhere you look.



We found a place to pull off the road and check our brochures and discovered that Beaumont Provincial Park was close to Fort Fraser and not that much further to drive.  We found the road to the park, turned down it, and drove about a quarter mile to the park entrance to find it gated and closed.  It would have been nice if signs on the main road would have indicated it was closed.  There was quite a bit of room from the road to the gate, so we decided it would be our overnight campsite.  We did have to unhook the truck and back in and re-hookup, but that went quickly and we would be ready to hit the road again in the morning.

I decided to make a wildlife (sorry, no photos) count today, so here’s an approximation of what we saw:

deer:  24 (or more)

wolf:  1

sandhill crane: 2 (in flight)

bear: 1

Miles driven today: 340

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