Monday, May 16, 2011

Finally…a Beautiful and Warm Day in Dawson City


It was a beautiful and warm day in Dawson City today with temperatures reaching into the mid 60’s.  What a pleasant change in weather and we sure hope it’s a continuing trend.  We decided to have lunch in town today for a change of pace and drove to check on the status of the ferry first.  We had heard that they planned to launch it today, so we fully expected to get there and see it already in the river.  It would have been, but they found a crack in the hull that required welding before the launching.  We arrived there just as the welding work was getting completed and were able to witness the launch.  The first three photos show the progress of the launch from Ken’s viewpoint down close to the river at one end of the ferry.  The fourth photo was taken after the ferry already made one trip across the water with a backhoe that keeps the landing area in good condition.  It is taking the road grader across to complete work on the Top of the World Highway to get it ready for traffic.  We did make a stop at the visitor center and the highway is still tentatively scheduled to open on 5/22.  However, they did say that officials in Tok, AK said the Alaska border agents would be there on 5/19…so we’ll see what happens.









This is a video I made from above the ferry launch site that shows the bulldozers pushing it down the ramp and into the Yukon River. It’s a little shaky at times, but the video is something new to me.


After watching the launch of the George Black Ferry, we went to Sourdough Joe’s for lunch.  We both ordered the cod fish and chips and we had differing opinions.  Ken really liked his and I found them okay but I wouldn’t order them again.  The fish had a really unusual batter that I have never seen at other restaurants.  Now I have something to really look forward to in Alaska…much better fish and chips!

After lunch, we drove up Bonanza Creek since it was still early and the weather was nice.  Here is a photo of Dredge #4:



We also stopped at the Bonanza Creek Discovery Claim.  Since we were here in 2009, this site has been developed with an interpretive trail with signs and mining exhibits.  Parks Canada did a fantastic job and we highly recommend it as a stop if you’re in Dawson City.


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