Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dease Lake, BC to Teslin, YT

It was cold this morning when we were ready to get going again.  There was ice on the slide covers.  Spring is getting off to a slow start in Canada.  But we finally get on the Cassiar and our travels further north.



Here’s a moose in the distance.



The distant mountains are snow covered.



We stop for a short break at Jade City.  They provide free RV parking and we took them up on that on our trip in 2009.



This is one of the saws they use to cut their jade.



And we saw some caribou today.





The north Cassiar has suffered from some severe forest fires destroying hundreds of acres of trees.  This show just a small section of the fire by the lake at the rest area where we stopped for lunch.



We leave British Columbia and are welcomed into Yukon Territory.



We turned onto the Alaska Highway and made a stop in Nugget City for fuel.  The cost per liter was $1.339.  This was best price in the area for fuel, but the pump stops at $100 and there was no way the office could set it for a higher amount.  They claimed it is the banks that set it up that way, but from what I have found in the past, it is the individual businesses that set the limits.  That chore completed, we headed north on the Alaskan Highway.



We did see another moose along the highway, but another vehicle scared it off the road and into the woods.  When we got to where it was, I could see it in the woods, but there was no way to get a decent photo.  Our wildlife sightings for today included:  2 moose and 4 caribou.  This is the bridge crossing the river to Teslin, Yukon Territory, our final destination for the evening.  We fueled up again before moving into the campground.  Their diesel was $1.389 per liter and their campground fee was $19.05 for a 30amp electric site.  The water is not on at the sites yet as it supposed to be below freezing again tonight.  We covered 295 miles today.  Will it ever warm up?


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