Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dawson City Museum

I called the Visitor’s Center this morning to double check on the opening of the Top of the World Highway in hopes that it would open today.  That was not the case, but it will open Friday morning at 9:00am.  We’re definitely ready to be on the move again.  We did drop by the Visitor’s Center after lunch to double check the date and time, and it’s still set for Friday.  They did mention that the Dawson City Museum was open this afternoon, so we decided to check it out as it’s about the only thing we haven’t done here.  The next three photos were taken in the museum and depict scenes during the gold rush era.  Several of the displays used mannequins, and we found it interesting that in the written description of the scene, they had a notation as to who was the model for the hands.  Ken said it was probably something to get the community to take an active part in the museum.






When we first arrived in Dawson city there weren’t any buses parked on this lot, but the cruise lines do a major tourist business in Canada and Alaska and are moving in to get ready for the season.


We got a kick out of the caption on this bus:  “Wrong Coach”



We will be on the road again tomorrow morning and headed for our next destination of Chicken, Alaska.  Dennis and Carol, Don and Sharon, and Larry and Marilyn, we’ll let you know the road conditions tomorrow after we get there.  We may not have cell phone service there, but it will be nice to be able to turn my Droid on again and be able to use all the great apps I have installed on it.  And, I’ll probably be soon getting out Alaska by James Michener for my summer read while traveling through the state.



Mary Anne said...

Enjoying your blog.

Sharon Del Rosario said...

Thanks for paving the way for us, Jan. We're working our way north and hope our paths cross soon!