Monday, May 30, 2011

Checking out the Drivable Lake Louise, Alaska Roads


We saw a couple of snowshoe rabbits in front of the RV this morning, and this one was kind enough to pose.


There were boats out on the lake as we got ready to take a drive around the area.


Down by the lake, there is an interpretive sign about Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower coming here to fish for 1 day and ending up staying for 4 as he found it so relaxing.  This happened a few years before he became President.


This is one of about 5 islands in the lake.  There are also several cabins around the lake that are accessed by snowmobile, float plane, or boat.


Milepost 2011 indicates that the road ends at the Lake Louise rest area, but we crossed a small stream and continued about 3 miles to another stream crossing.  This was the end of the road for us as the other side is privately owned property.


Construction is going on building the Lake Louise Airport which is 3300 feet long.


There are several lodges in the area to accommodate fisherman in the summer and snowmobilers in the winter.  The next 2 photos are of Lake Louise Lodge.  The first photo is of the same view in Milepost 2011 on page 339.


And this photo shows the front of the main lodge building.


The Point Lodge can be seen from our campground.


We stopped for a pop at the Wolverine Lodge and asked questions about the area, then continued on our way.


This snow groomer was parked at an area business.


And this airboat was parked in the same lot.


Just who is the Left Shoe Gang?


We found out that I have 2 more lakes in Alaska.


After resting a short while, we went for a walk along the beach.  Here’s a photo of 3 of the islands.


And there are several cabins along the shore.


At one point on the beach, we found this sign.  Actually, it’s 2 signs; one is facing the lake and the other is facing shore.


It made us wonder what lies beneath the surface of this beautiful lake.


Well folks…that concludes our tour for today.  Thanks for joining us!

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