Friday, May 13, 2011

Dawson City, YT–Checking on the Ferry


Today was a kind of quiet day for us.  We just hung out at the RV all morning and then this afternoon we drove into Dawson City to check out the visitor’s center and find out when the Top of the World Highway might be opened for traffic.  The visitor’s center had 3 short (15 minute) films that we watched:  “Dawson During the Gold Rush”, “Frozen Gold of the Klondike”, and “Days of the Riverboats”.  Here are a couple of photos from the downtown area.  The streets are all dirt and the town has an old mining town appearance.





Here’s the ferry we will be taking to cross the Yukon River.  Workers are busy getting it ready for the season, and they are hoping to have it in the river on Monday.  It will take equipment across the river to clear the road, and then the customs people are expected to cross a couple of days later.  The visitor’s center had a tentative opening date for the ferry of May 22nd.  It could be earlier than that, and we are hoping that will be the case.




This is where the ferry will actually land on the Dawson City side.


Heavy equipment is continually busy when the ferry is running, keeping the landing area built up.



Looking across the river is the landing on the opposite shore.  The entrance to the provincial campground can be seen there also.



After the short visit to town, we returned to our campground backed up to the highway.  It’s actually pretty quiet and we don’t hear much traffic noise.



It’s looking like Sunday will have nicer weather, so we’re tentatively planning on a long day touring the Dempster Highway.  That will probably make Saturday another lazy day.

Late breaking information…a bear has been sighted on the hillside across the highway from the campground.

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