Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Short Drive Around Tok, Alaska

Today we stayed at the motorhome most of the day handling some minor maintenance and cleaning projects.  We did take time out for a short drive around town to see what has changed or not changed since we were last here.  The following four photos are of businesses currently in operation.  This first one is the Burnt Paw and it’s what I would call a tourist trap (or for the more refined, a gift shop).


And of course, most towns in Alaska have RV repair shops.  We don’t want to go there.


This building is All Alaska Gifts.  If you have an Alaska Toursaver coupon book, they offer a free 1/4 pound of fudge….NOT!!!!  This is the third time we’ve stopped there, and they never have the fudge.  I think it’s to trick visitors into buying something in their tourist trap.


Then here is Mukluk Land which doesn’t open until June.  From the description in Milepost 2011, it sounds like it is more of a child’s attraction.


There are also several businesses that are not in operation.  And as I recall, these next three businesses were not in operation when we were here in 2009.  This Salmon Bake was part of an RV park that is now closed.


This one may have been open, but is now closed.


And this is a service station that burned down quite a while ago, and they still haven’t gotten around to cleaning it up.


There are some very interesting street names in town.  This one was kind of unusual.


Driving toward Fairbanks gave us a great mountain view.



If all goes as planned, our mail will be waiting for us at the post office tomorrow and we’ll be headed to Delta Junction for an overnight stay at Rika’s Roadhouse.  We plan on a short stop at Delta Meat & Sausage Co. to stock up on some of their delicious sausage.


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Sharon Del Rosario said...

What a shame to see so many businesses closed. We've been seeing similar closures, but think that some may open after then end of May.