Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jack London Cabin and Museum

We decided to have lunch in Dawson City today and tried the Jack London Grill.  It was a very good meal, and it must have inspired us to visit the Jack London Cabin and Museum which we didn’t see while here in 2009.  We had an Alaska Toursaver coupon that admitted us on a two for the price of one deal saving us $5.00.  This photo is of the inside of the cabin which you can actually get to without going inside the museum.Jack-London-Cabin

The museum was inside an adjacent cabin and included many photos of life in the gold rush era when Jack London lived in Dawson City.  It was interesting, but I don’t think we would have wanted to pay more than the discounted price.


It was still early in the day so we drove out by the Dawson City Airport and saw this unusual plane.  Ron…what kind of plane is this?


We waited around for a while to watch a Yukon Airlines plane take off.  It started down the runway, aborted for some reason, and returned to a location near the terminal building.  We took another short drive up Hunker Creek and returned to the airport in time to see another plane take off.



We’re obviously finding some strange things to occupy our time as we wait for the Top of the World Highway to open.  They are now predicting that it will open on Friday, but we’ll check tomorrow at the visitor’s center.  We’re ready to get to Alaska!  We did see 1 black bear today.


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