Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chicken, AK to Tok, AK

We had less than 80 driving miles today on the road from Chicken to Tok.  We saw this moose eating fresh growth at the side of the road.  That was our only wildlife sighting for the day, but she stayed beside the road long enough to get some photos.


We stopped at a turnout near the summit of Mount Fairplay (elevation 5541 feet).  There were interpretive signs about the 40 Mile caribou herd that travels through this area.


When we drove through this area in 2009, this new bridge over the Tanana River was under construction.  There was a turnout after crossing the bridge where we stopped for lunch.


This is the approach to the bridge over the Tok River which means our driving day is coming to an end.



We purchased diesel at Three Bears at $4.78 a gallon.  The prices are getting a little bit better, but we’d like to see a LOT better.  We won’t be able to pick up our forwarded mail until Monday morning, so we checked in for 2 nights at Tundra RV Park.  They also have a non-coin operated vehicle wash and charged us $15 for washing both the truck and RV.  We were told we could take as long as we wanted, but I think we took longer than we wanted as it zapped our energy level.  After getting set up in our space, we were surprised to see that our satellite internet worked and found a signal through the trees.  Once that was done, we headed into town to pick up some much needed groceries and then back to the RV for dinner and relaxing.


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