Monday, May 2, 2011

Canadian Border Crossing

I had been reading messages on the Escapees RV Club forum of RVers who had headed north prior to us.  One of them reported about going through an inspection of their vehicle lasting over 3 hours.  We got an early start to allow for that possibility.  We left the Omak Stampede park and headed north on Highway 97.



We’re approaching the border at Osoyoos, BC.  The building is shared by the USA and Canada.



When we approached the Canadian border, there was a line of 8 vehicles in front of us.  We moved up to first in line within about 5 minutes and after about another 5 minutes of questions from the border agent, we were on our way and in Canada.



We continued on to Cache Creek, BC where we filled the RV.  The cost of diesel there was $1.339 per liter which is approximately $5.06 a gallon.  We heard the fuel prices would be high in Canada!  We planned to stay overnight at a rest area about 19 miles north of Cache Creek.  The rest area had garbage cans, a picnic table, and this sign that made us change our mind.



Ken spotted a sign for a campground a few miles further north and we settled on that for the night.  We’ll be on the road again tomorrow and heading for Prince George, BC.


Diane said...

So excited for you on the trip. Will be following closely and wishing we were there with you.

Congrats on the house - we hope to be in AZ this winter and hopefully will see you.

Travel safe and hugs,
Diane and Andy

US Waivers Pardon said...

Beautiful pictures and good information about Canadian border crossing. We haven't done that yet, but we will be sure to research the rule and be prepared.

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