Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kenny Lake to Lake Louise, AK

This morning was a travel day and we only had a little over 80 miles to go so we weren’t in too much of a hurry.  I had most everything in the RV ready to travel and while Ken was eating his cereal, I was just doing something on the computer.  I happened to look up at the front window and all I could see was a large moose covering pretty much all of the viewing area.  I got up to grab a camera and asked Ken to get his and as I looked out the window, I saw that she had twins.  Once again, the cameras were too slow, but we got these shots as they retreated to cross the Edgerton Highway.








With that excitement over, we finished packing up, dumped, and filled the fresh water tanks and were on the road.  We stopped at the junction of the Richardson Highway and the Glenn Highway to add more diesel to the tank at $4.89 a gallon.  It could be better…a lot better!  We continued west on the Glenn Highway to about milepost 2 where we found a grocery store to pick up some necessary groceries to get us to Eagle River.  About 30 miles from the junction, we arrived at our turn onto Lake Louise Road and we headed north for a little over 17 miles.


Although it is in the middle of Memorial Day weekend, we found a campsite and we’ll be here until Tuesday morning.


After getting set up in our site, we walked over to the other part of the campground and back…probably about a mile.  The were some informational signs down by the lake…I’ll take some photos and post more about that tomorrow.

In addition to the 3 moose, we saw a porcupine and a snowshoe rabbit today.

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