Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fort Fraser, BC to Bell I Crossing on the Cassiar Highway

Once again, this was a longer day than we had planned.  We left Fort Fraser, BC with the intent to camp near a point on the Cassiar where you can either go further north or head west to Stewart, BC/Hyder, AK.

Here’s some of the scenery along our travels for the day.  There’s still ice on the lakes along the way.



We drove up and down hills all day to get where we were going.



We stopped at the visitor center in Houston, BC where the World’s Largest Fly Fishing Rod is on display.  The 60 foot long anodized aluminum fly rod was designed by a local avid fly fisherman and built by local volunteers.



We stopped to pick up a few groceries in Smithers, BC then stopped at a rest area on the far side of town for a lunch break.  We were going to fuel up in New Hazelton, BC, but the service station we had used before has gone out of business so we decided to stop at the point where the Cassiar Highway begins.  That station was still in business, and the price was $1.309 per liter.  Obviously fuel prices are not going to be a pretty picture this summer, but we’re committed to this trip and will have a great time regardless!

After getting fuel, we headed up the Cassiar.  We did see a couple of black bear but were unable to get photos.  Ken was able to finally get several photos of our third bear sighting, but I’ll just post one here.



By the way, we did have other wildlife sightings earlier today.  In addition to the 3 black bears, we saw an immature bald eagle and a coyote earlier in the day.  Once we got to the Stewart, BC/Hyder, AK turnoff, we decided to continue north and find what we could for a campsite.  We decided on a rest area at Bells I Crossing.  Here’s a photo of us all set up for the night.  Today was about 330 miles of travel.


We did miss several hours of internet access as well as not having cell phone service, but we’ll post when we can.

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