Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Planes on Trains

Our big plans for the day were to move to the co-host site at the Elks lodge.  Actually, we planned to move a lot of our stuff over there and then park the truck there while we took the RV into the tire shop to have them look at a slow leak.  Well…half of that didn’t happen.  The tire shop isn’t able to get us in until Thursday.  So, we moved the motorhome to the new site and got set up.  After lunch we decided to check out the big and tall store in north Spokane to see if we could find some better fitting shirts for Ken.  We got there, the selection was very limited, but he did pick out three shirts that were acceptable for what he wanted.  The other day, someone told us to check out the Big R to see if they had any big and tall shirts.  As we got there, we saw a train parked across the road hauling six 737 airplane bodies.



We had no luck finding shirts at Big R, so we returned to the RV and I got the shirts from Cabelas all packaged up so we could take them by the UPS store to have them returned to get a refund.  So we hopped back into the truck and dropped the package off at UPS.  After our return to the RV, and after dinner, our good friend Mike dropped by for a visit.  He’s in Spokane for the night before flying to Austin, TX to visit his daughter.  It was a good visit and now Ken has to plan on an early get up for the tire shop in the morning.  That’s it for now.


Judy Luke Rinehimer said...

If there is s Burlington Coat Factory Store in your travels, they have a "big & tall" section. At least the store in Yuma did.

IdahoRV said...

Judy...thanks for the heads up on Burlington Coat Factory. I don't know if it's still there, but there used to be one in downtown Spokane. We'll have to check it out before we leave the area.