Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8/20–8/21/12–Lunches with Friends and Driving the Silver Valley

Our plans for Monday were to meet our friend Jerry and his wife Candy in Wallace to join them for lunch.  We started out early enough to have some time before lunch, but before even getting out of the campground we had a really flat tire caused by a screw through it.  By the time we got the spare on, dropped off the flat to be fixed and arrived in Wallace, it was time for lunch.  We met Jerry in his office and we were soon met by Candy.  We walked over to the 1313 Club for lunch.  This was the first time we met Candy so the loud atmosphere while dining didn’t really help, but we did enjoy the visit with them.

After arriving in Cataldo on Sunday, we drove up the river and had lunch at the Enaville Resort (aka the Snake Pit) for lunch.  I didn’t get a photo on Sunday, so I got one today.  It has been around since about 1880 and at one time was a bordello.  When we first moved to north Idaho in the mid 70’s, the owner was Josie Bates ( a former madam) and she was quite the personality.  It was not unusual for her to let the locals run a tab for their dinner and pay her back later.


One of the areas that has been developed since we left the area is above the golf course in Pinehurst and it was a former dairy farm.  This is the old barn that is still barely standing in that area.


This is our campsite in Kahnderosa RV Campground in Cataldo.  The front of the RV is facing south, and the Coeur d’Alene River is to our left.  It’s still been in the 90’s so we’re glad to have the shade of this tree.  Facing to the south in the heat of the day hasn’t been so great however.


Today (Tuesday) we drove up the Coeur d’Alene River to have lunch with our former hunting partners Jim and Mary Lou.  Jim wanted to move their Dish Network satellite dish to another pole that was more stable, so Ken helped him with that.  While they were working on that project, I helped Mary Lou with some problems she had on her computer.  After getting satellite dishes and computers somewhat back to normal, we all went to the Prichard Tavern for lunch.  Mary Lou and her late husband Walt were proprietors there shortly after we moved to the Silver Valley of Idaho.

Jim and Mary Lou in front of the Prichard Tavern.


We were hoping to catch up with a couple of other friends while here, but our paths did not cross.  Tomorrow we will be on the road again heading just a few miles west

to Coeur d’Alene where we’ll be staying at the Elks lodge while we meet up with our longtime friends Doug and Marilee and may even go to the North Idaho Fair.

And another update…we just went outside to watch the International Space Station for a 4 minute flyover and had a pretty crescent moon overhead tonight even though the photo doesn’t do it justice.


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