Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back in the ATV Saddle Again

We decided that today we needed to get back on the ATV and get in a short ride, so we planned to meet up with Lee and Barb after lunch and head for the hill that sits behind the campground.  We had looked at it on the map, and it looked like the was a route where we could leave one way out of camp and come back in from the other direction.  As it turned out, we just seemed to run into roadblocks aka USFS gated roads.  We were able to be out on the trails for close to two hours and we did get in some very scenic views.  The two photos below are from our first stop overlooking the St Regis Valley, a horseshoe in the Clark Fork River.



Not too far from this viewpoint we also found a geocache, so we did find something today.  We decided to attempt the hill from the east side of the campground and had no success that way either, but we had to wait while a dozen wild turkeys (or more) crossed the road in front of us.  We also saw a couple of deer along our route.  Once we returned to the campground, we made plans to have happy hour at Lee and Barb’s.  We were delayed a bit by a phone call from Ken’s cousin, but when we got together we made our plans for another ride on Friday.  We’ll be leaving around 10:30am, packing a lunch and making a loop ride.  Lee and Barb have already checked this one out, so we don’t expect to have any problems with it.

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