Monday, August 13, 2012

An ATV Ride to Keystone and Down Sloway

We had a good ATV ride today.  We left the campground around 11am with our lunches packed.  We turned at Railroad Way after crossing the river and headed south to the Southside Road.  I only took a couple of photos today and both of them were from stops for geocaches.


All of the photos today were taken with my cell phone and it would have been better to have brought the good camera as there was a bald eagle in the middle of this shot.  I tried bringing it in for a better photo, but it wasn’t worth the effort….sorry!


After going back into the geocaching website tonight and logging in our caches for the last few days, it looks like we found six today.  I only found one to log for our finds on Friday, but I thought we had found two, so I’m waiting for a report from the Dream Catchers.

We have had some terrific sightings of the International Space Station flying over St Regis this week.  So far, all of the sighting have lasted for 5 minutes more or less and Big Sky Country has lived up to it’s name.  We missed out on the meteor shower the other night, but the best of that was supposed to be between 1am and 4am…not our normal waking hours.

We haven’t made any plans for Tuesday, so we’ll see what happens next!

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