Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Day Trip to Bruce and Nena’s on the Clark Fork River

Today we took a drive in the truck from our campground in St Regis, MT to visit our friends Bruce and Nena who bought some property along the Clark Fork River between Plains and Thompson Falls, MT last year.  Here are a few pictures I took along the way.







Once we got to their property, Bruce and Nena gave us a tour.  They have set up this firepit along the river in the area where they eventually want to be able to park their RV.  Nena has been busy placing a rock patio surrounding the firepit and it looks very nice.


There was a nice breeze and we sat outside the RV overlooking the river and visited throughout the afternoon.  Here’s Nena, Ken, and Bruce.


The following photo shows Ken with a few of his injuries from our ATV mishap on Monday.


And here’s a view of Bruce and Nena’s RV.  They backed into this spot from the driveway in front of it and that’s where we parked when we got there.  The area where they want to park is about 850-900 feet further behind where they are now.  There is an old road that follows the river on their property and they don’t really want to use it much since there has been a lot of erosion to the bank caused by high water.


Bruce and Nena had two other couples from the neighborhood join us for dinner of sirloin kabobs, rice, and salad.  It was Nena’s 60th birthday so we enjoyed cake for dessert.


On the way back to St Regis, we had some wonderful views of the full moon.


There were a few Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep across the river.


We saw numerous deer and elk in the fields along the River Road West before getting back into Plains.



This next photo is a bit dark, but it is a wild turkey dragging itself up a hillside.  It’s legs appeared to have been injured so we’re assuming it may have been hit by a car.


After leaving Hwy 200, we continued south on Hwy 135 toward St Regis.  Ken had to avoid a deer that tried to run out in front of us reminding us why we don’t like to drive in this area after dark.

So far, the plans for tomorrow are to get back on the ATV that bucked us off and go for a ride of a longer duration than than Monday’s ride.

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