Friday, August 3, 2012

ATV Ride Up Little Joe and Down Dry Creek–St Regis, Montana

For our ATV ride today with Lee and Barb, we packed our lunches and headed out from the campground around 11am.  Our first stop was down the street to top off the gas tanks.  From there, we continued west and turned off on the paved road we took on Monday.  After crossing the river, we went right past the right turn to Ken’s Road and continued on up the Little Joe.  We turned off before getting to the Idaho border, but Ken and I remember taking this road several years ago while on a camping/hunting trip with former neighbors in Cataldo, Idaho.

Ken, Barb and Lee are checking over the maps to make sure we’re on the right route.


Barb is relaxing after finishing her lunch.  They pack along a table and two chairs for a fine dining experience.


This is one of the fantastic views we had looking across the valley.


During our 53 mile trip today, we found two geocaches.  I’d been telling Barb that I wanted to look for huckleberries while out on the trail and she wasn’t sure what to look for.  I was able to find a fairly good patch of berries starting to get ripe and it would have been nice to have more time to pick enough to do something with them.  We also found a place along the route with wild raspberries where I tasted one that was not quite ripe, but it sure was very tasty.  I do believe I have a couple of destinations in mind for next week now. 

Earlier this week our truck battery has shown signs of needing to be replaced, so we’re going to avoid the weekend warriors and drive to Missoula tomorrow to get a new battery for the truck and take care of some other shopping.

That’s it until my next update!

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