Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back at the Spokane Elks

We returned to the Spokane Elks on Friday and will be here for a couple of weeks or so until we leave for the Olympic Peninsula.

One of the Wheeling Elks members was celebrating his 80th birthday at the lodge on Saturday afternoon so we joined in to wish him a happy birthday.

Our daughter Laura had invited us out to a barbecue that evening.  The only grandson at home was Dominique who is slightly grounded by a broken ankle.  After football practice the other day he and his friends were in the school parking lot and he decided to jump on the hood of another friend’s car.  The friend stepped on the brakes and Dominique fell off the hood breaking his ankle.  He’s very lucky that the injury wasn’t any worse than that.


If our plans work out, our grandsons will be driving out here tomorrow to wash and wax the RV, so hopefully their wallets are empty enough that they’ll want to show up and do that for us.

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