Friday, August 17, 2012

8/16–8/17/12–ATV Ride, Berry Picking & Geocaching

After lunch on Thursday, we took our ATV’s along with Lee and Barb on a loop over Two Mile.  Here are a couple of photos from that ride.



At the saddle before heading back down the remainder of the loop we found another good patch of huckleberries and took time to pick some more.  The ride back down was not as dry and we several areas with wildflowers.

Indian paintbrush




Ken is holding up our bag of huckleberries.  There’s a bit more than a half gallon altogether.


Today (Friday) we headed out on the ATV’s as Barb had mapped out some more geocaches to find before the heat of the day.  First we went down by the golf course and spent several minutes looking without any luck, so we decided to check out the next one down the road and possibly come back to the first one.  At the second cache, we met Beadgal who has hidden several of the geocaches in this area.  Her husband, son and daughter-in-law have also hidden several caches in the area.  We had a nice chat with her and she went back to the first cache with us to give us an added hint.  We found it, and continued on our way and found 3 more geocaches before returning to the RV for the remainder of the day.  It’s about time to head down to Lee and Barb’s for the evening fire, so that’s it for tonight.

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