Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day Trip to Missoula and a Picnic in Paradise

Ken and I drove to Missoula on Saturday to make a few purchases.  The truck battery has been dropping it’s charge at times, so one of our stops was at Walmart.  While there, they checked out the battery and told it was okay.  We decided why buy a new battery if it’s not really needed.  We had to go to a couple of different ATV shops to find them, but we each got a new half helmet to wear while ATVing.   Hmmm…why didn’t we have them before last Monday?  We also stopped back at Walmart before leaving town to pick up miscellaneous items that didn’t require freezing or cooling on the way back to the RV since we had about 70 miles to go one way.  While living in Cataldo, we made several trips over the years to Missoula, and one of our favorite places to eat was at a Greek gyro café in the mall.  The Greek owners sold it several years ago, and we had been back once for a meal that wasn’t all that great.  However, the gyros we had Saturday were very good.

Bruce and Nena have been on their property for close to a month and they’ve been tentatively planning on leaving sometime this week.  So, we’ve been emailing back and forth trying to make arrangements for another get together.  Several years ago when we were at Camp Newmar in Nappanee, IN we met Bruce and Nena and it was at a time when Lee and Barb were also there.  We had been having several happy hours and potlucks while there.  So we planned to bring Lee and Barb along for a picnic in Paradise, MT which is about the halfway point for each of us to drive.  Ken and I brought chicken that we marinated and barbecued last night, Barb brought cole slaw, and Nena provided rolls & butter along with plates, napkins, and silverware.  We all met in Paradise at the city park between Hwy 200 which is very busy with weekend traffic and the railroad which is also very busy with train traffic.  We had a good visit, a good meal and when we lost any breeze we had in the high 90 temperatures, we decided to call it a day.

From left to right:  Lee with his back to the camera, Barb, Ken, Nena hiding behind Bruce also with his back to the camera.


Bruce, Barb, Ken and Nena.


Nena made a sandwich using one of her rolls, the chicken, and cole slaw and she didn’t want me to get a photo of her taking the big bite.  But, I couldn’t resist anyway.  Bruce and Lee are to her right.


Nena, Bruce and Lee again still eating.


After saying our goodbyes, Lee, Barb, Ken and I headed back to the campground in St Regis.  We unloaded all of our things from their truck and after getting things put away, we headed back to their place for happy hour.  After one happy, and making plans for a ride on Monday, we were all nodding off and went back to our respective RV’s for the remainder of the evening.

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