Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Day After the Blue Moon

We didn’t get a photo of the blue moon last night, so here’s one of a full moon on the 1st of September.


Back to Thursday, we took the motorhome into the tire shop we use while in Spokane to take care of a slow leak problem we’d been having on an inside dually.  It turned out to be a problem with the valve stem, so that was replaced.   From there we went to a radiator shop on Trent to have them take a look as we’ve been having a problem with overheating going over mountain passes.  At that shop the repairman looked at the back of the radiator with a flashlight and told us our radiator was just fine and suggested we look into a possible problem with the thermostat.

We have pretty much been sticking around the RV although we did make a trip to Walmart on Friday to get some things stocked up so that we wouldn’t need to be in a store over the holiday weekend.  Today (Saturday) we briefly thought about a trip to downtown Spokane to attend Pig Out at the Park, but decided we weren’t into doing crowds and chose to stay home for the day.  We did attend the dinner at the Elks lodge tonight and are now watching tv (Ken) and reading and/or on the computer (Jan and Ken).  The American Legion in Post Falls has a breakfast on Sunday we’ll be following Gene and Cathy there tomorrow.

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