Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Grandsons are Great…Especially for Washing and Waxing the RV!!

Our luck held out and our grandsons showed up to wash and wax the motorhome on Monday.  Demetrius showed up at about 10:30am along with Brandon who is now living with them.  We got the wash bucket and brushes ready and sent them up to the roof to begin the job.  Brandon is on the left and Demetrius is on the right.


Laura dropped off Dominique about a half hour later after getting his permanent cast on his leg.  Ken had a project that he would be able to do while sitting in a chair buffing the headlights.  Demetrius and Brandon in the meantime had finished the roof and started washing down the side of the RV.  That was a good time for me to getaway and pick up some Subway sandwiches for lunch.  Dominique went along for the ride and we made our first stop at Walgreens to pick up something to go over the cast so that he will be able to take a shower without it (the cast) getting wet.  I’m sure we’ll all appreciate that.  By the time we got back with the sandwiches, Demetrius and Brandon had finished washing the RV and were ready to start waxing.  After lunch, they started waxing the RV at the back then working up the driver side.  At one point, we thought a power buffer might make the job go faster…but we failed to read the complete directions and the boys decided that they would continue the job without the power equipment.


Even with the cast on his leg, Dominique was able to sit on a pad on the ground and wax the lower parts of the RV.  Here is was taking a brief break to do some text messaging (or whatever) before Demetrius and Brandon asked him to get busy helping again to finish the job.


Brandon, Dominique and Demetrius hard at work.


Demetrius and Brandon are working on the final side of the RV.  The end of the job is near!


After the workday had ended, Dominique’s cast had dried enough that we were all able to sign it.  After Demetrius’ graduation he got a downstairs bedroom all to himself with special amenities.  Since Dominique broke his foot, he is sharing the room.  In this next photo, Demetrius is signing the bottom of Dominique’s cast with wording something like “Get well soon so I can have my room back”.  Ahhh…brotherly love!


We had an early start Tuesday morning as we had a doctor appointment at 8:15am.  That appointment went fairly quickly and we drove over to Pines to have breakfast at Little Euro.  From there we drove to the bank and Harbor Freight.  While there, I received a call that our order from Cabelas had been received so we drove to Coeur d’Alene to pick up some new shirts for Ken.  During our errand in Coeur d’Alene, Ken’s brother called and we made arrangements to meet them for lunch on the south hill at 1pm.  Sometimes, it seems like our days are revolved around eating.  We had one other stop in Coeur d’Alene then returned to Spokane for a couple of stops before meeting Ron and Mary Ann and their grandson Erik on the south hill for lunch.  When we returned to the RV, we had a quiet afternoon before getting together with the RV hosts after dinner for goodbyes to Ron and Sandy who are heading out in the morning.

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