Sunday, August 12, 2012

8/10- 8/12/12 –ATV Ride and Huckleberries and Downtime over the Weekend

Friday afternoon we went out for another ATV ride across the river from town.  Here are a couple of the views we had from the trail.



Thanks to Barb who sent me this photo of us riding our ATV.  I’ll have to return the favor.


The ride today ended up being one where we had to take the same roads back as there was no loop.  Before we reached the end of the trail, I had spotted some places to stop for huckleberries.  Here’s Lee down off the edge of the road picking and handing them up to Ken who was in charge of the container.


Lee’s busy picking while Ken is watching (?) the container.


We continued to pick and eat until I felt we had enough and invited Lee and Barb to our place for huckleberry sourdough pancakes on Saturday morning.


I didn’t take any photos over the weekend, but we all enjoyed a brunch on Saturday morning dining on the huckleberry pancakes and bacon.  There were even enough left over so that Ken and I had some for Sunday breakfast.  Other than that, we stayed at the campground letting the weekend warriors rule the forest service roads.

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