Sunday, August 12, 2012

8/9/12–Chores at the RV and Errands in Superior, MT

While I took care of some things inside the RV, Ken spent the morning outside working on adding a piece of plastic to the ATV to help keep the heat off our legs.  He got to a point where he needed a part to attach the piece to the ATV, so we headed to Superior in search of a hardware store.  We looked all around town and finally went into the lumber store and picked up an item that might work.  We decided to stop for a hamburger in a diner that is in an old school house in town.  They were apparently short handed and it was quite a long wait for our meal, but well worth it once we got it.  Our waitress was quite the trusting soul, as she kept dropping off her tips on our table and left Ken in charge of watching over it.



After lunch, we went to the grocery store in town to pick up things we needed before heading back to the RV.

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